About us

GLT Weed Management was established in 2009 and offers specialized services for the control of noxious & environmental weeds and problem vermin infestations.

Based in Wangaratta in Victoria, GLT Weed Management operates throughout the North East of Victoria and Southern NSW providing services to property owners, local shire councils, government agencies, community land care groups and commercial industrial sites.

GLT weed Management has 25 years experience and involvement in noxious weed & animal control we can help with implementing programs from GPS mapping infestations over a wide area, implementing a maintenance program to finally solving the weed or pest problem. Close liaison with Private, Government, Commercial and Industrial. Liaise with local Agronomist’s who play an important role in our abilityto achieve successful control and prevention of invasive species in all situations.

Our efficient ultra modern spraying equipment along with our knowledge in selecting the safest and most effective herbicide for your particular weed problem will:

  1. Save you money
  2. Save you time
  3. Improve the Natural environment.
  4. Minimize risk to natural ecosystems.

GLT Weed Management spray technicians hold all the required industry based qualifications required to legally operate a commercial spraying business (ChemCert, Commercial Operator License) as well as other important requirements such as insurance, etc.

  • Commercial Operators (Ground Spraying) License, (No.969).
  • Chem Cert accreditation with vermin destroyers’  and 1080 endorsements
  • Full Public Liability insurance to $20 million.
  • Member of the Victorian Groundsprayers Association.
  • Grass lands Society
  • Victorian Weeds Society