Vermin Control

GLT weed management can offer a wide variety of control methods for pest animals from baiting,trapping,firearm opptions .we can offer spot light transect surveys,GIS mapping using the latest in mapping technology  . Our  opperators have all been fully trained and  licenced to carry out these programs.     

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GLT weed mangement has sucessfuly carried out baiting programs and culling programs across the north east of victoria and southern nsw for both introduced and native species.

our last rabbit baiting  successfull poisoning programs, achieving an average of 92% control of rabbits. The carefully planned program in a semi urban enviroment was achived thru close consultation with the local shire ,land owners ,residents and concerned urban park land users .It  was completed without incident and demonstrates how knowledge, experience and planning can achieve outstanding results

GLT is registered for the application and sale of 1080 fresh meat and shelf stable baits  for foxes and wild dog,traveing over 1000 kilometeres per month GLT staff  activley track down and distroy these elusive preditor of our native fauna .

Poisoning programs can also be used to control feral and introduced pest animals by conducting programs using 1080 fresh meat baits ,premanufactured shelf stable baits and pindone, . This service is predominately used for wild dogs/dingoes, feral pigs, rabbits, and foxes .

GLT weed managemets clients include Parks victoria,Department enviroment and primary industrys,private clients ,local councils,catchment management authoritys ,local water authoritys and numerous land care networks.We cover several hundred kilometers per month in our pursuit of these preditors.

we have also aided local land  care groups with weed control along thier local wild dog exclusion zone  fences .applying a residual herbiicide along remote area sections of the wild dog fence has given land owners peace of mind knowing GLT has removed bio matter that may cause a short in their electric barrier between thier liveley hood and preditor on the out side