Boom Spraying

Boom spraying GLT Weed Management has a fleet of vehicles for boom spraying applications. We can send a suitable vehicle to suit your needs,   With boom widths from 5 meters to 15 meters GLT has  one to suit your paddock ,GLT in the last 12 month used 5000 litres of round up product   and 3000 litres of mcpa based product  hence We purchase our chemical in 1000 litre lots     

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GLT weed management uses the latest in spraying equipment .Tthis allow our opperators to effectivley cover your paddocks pasture and crops in minimal time ,giving a great result

GLT  HAVE two Yamaha 4x4 side by sides, these are both fitted with 8 meter booms  with AIXR air induction nozzles .when the weather closes in and your apddocks get too wet for our larger utes we can still get to your weed issues with these machines .These have been great this season for WET pasture and crop paddocks such as canola and wheat

Again they are both fitted with RAVEN and  TEE JET  gps units ,,they have 400 litre capacity -great for the smaller areas. They also have  boomless nozzles fitted ,we use these when a lot of tree cover is present allow our opperators to get in to tight areas .

We have  a  modern 2012 Toyota hilux set up with a 10 meter manualy folded boom ,having a smaller 10 meter boom width makes it ideal for smaller paddocks it can be used for smaller areas, knock round up down work in preperation for sowing  ,with AIXR air induction nozzles applying liquid fertilizer and broad leaf control or those pesky red legged earth mites is a breeze .

Running this boom set up  is an arag  Bravo 180 spraying computer that allow our opperators to accuratley apply the required of chemical to the target.It allows our opperators to monitor litres per minute,flow rates,presure,ground speed,sprayed quantity,area covered and gives an alert whe the tank is close to empty,allowing fast turn around to our water point

It is also fitted with a Raven GPS that gives accuracey down to 5 cm ,meaning no missed areas.we effectivley "paint" paddock out using the gps,we do not use out dated foam markers .It also has auto retract hand gun reels for cleaning up around dam banks and gateways before we leave


GLT weed management  also have a current 2012 V8 Landcruisierallowing us to serve our larger acreage clients.The Land cruisier is fitted with a with a 1200 litre tank for those bigger areas it has hydrolyic lifted boom arms and ajustable hight all operated when need from the saftey of the cabin .This vehicle is also fitted with a Carbon cabin filter to take out all air borne chemcial particles from the air before it enters the cabin ,keeping our opperators safe  .

Our Landcrusier is  fitted with an Arag bravo 180 and raven GPS, we can cover alot of your ground in a day ,fitted with a quick fill system that minimises down time when filling . GLT has a dedicated chemical trailer fitted with a honda firefighter pump that we use for larger areas  keeping down time filling to a minimum .

this unit is also used for local shires  road side shoulder spraying ,with up to a 5 meter spray swarth  at 30  klm per hour .it covers more than 3000 kilometers of road sides per annum .