GIS Weed Mapping

GLT Weeds use a powerful visual tool to highlight your project or properties points of interest – to allow for easy planning and reporting. Desktop and mobile GPS technology to develop accurate management plans based on raster layers such as aerial photography and topographic maps of your site.

More details

GLT weed management  has invested in the latest hand held GIS data mapping tablets and software .

It has given us the Ability to develop and implement data collection forms and produce maps  to substantially accelerate field data collection.

we have acuratley mapped native grass lands ,bushland forest riparian areas  and council maintained road sides  for both invasive weeds and vermin


using the latest software and motion 12.5  hand held 12 inch tablets ,we can accuratley record points of interest being a new weed or infestation of vermin that was previosly unknown .

giving a sub meter accuracey  of infestation allows easy follow up and return vists to the recorded site .

if you have already mapped and area you would like inspected we can ,

Simply send us an emailed file of the data ,then Using our weed mapping soft ware,apple i-pads  and other GIS data collection devices  in the feild it allows our opperators to accuratley find the recorded spot with minimal effort saving the client valuable money

OUR devices...

OUR  motion X 12'S  have a fantastic large 12.5-inch display offers our data collectors a  full 1920 x 1080 pixel HD resolution screen, It is very sharp and bright enough even for outdoor use. Optical treatments soften the reflections inherent in "glossy" displays, and the screen offers excellent viewability from any angle. The 10-point capacitive multi-touch interface works as smoothly and effortlessly as users have come to expect from consumer devices. For precision work, the R12 also has an active Wacom digitizer pen that does not need a battery.

The Motion R12 has a full-size USB 3.0 port, a standard HDMI port, an audio jack, three microphones, dual speakers, an SD Card reader, a fingerprint reader, and it can accommodate scanners, RFID, and even a legacy serial port through its optional "SlateMate" bolt-on module. The integrated 8-megapixel documentation camera and Motion's SnapWorks camera application can easily be used for high quality workflow documentation.

The Motion R12 is a very solid and ergonomic design that is instantly recognizable with its unique chamfered corners. A hefty magnesium frame inside the unit provides strength, and all ports ports are well-sealed with tight-fitting rubber plugs.

With the R12, Motion Computing offers a rugged, modern and highly configurable Windows tablet with strong performance and a bright, sharp 12.5-inch capacitive multi-touch display large enough even complex applications