Post 2003 wild fires across Victoria a large number of willow germinated along the west keiwa river . these willows,salix cinerea, are a direct threat to the health of the alpine bogs on the bogong high plains

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GLT weed management works in very steep ,alpine river and riparian areas,using  navigation and alpine bush walking skills we scour all areas along the riparian area in search of willows  .

some  areas being over 3 hours walk from any road way,camping out in small tents and hand removing these willows ,applying round bi active to both ends of  branches and stumps .It is very dangerous work due to the wet slippery rocks,steep terrain ,lots of fallen and potential trees that may fall and very poor communications however .

we maintain  a safe work enviroment and have developed  remote area communication   and evacuation plans with our key clients that include air lift emergency helicopter .

GIS data is collected during the day to gain an apreciation of the areas covered .

it is hard work  but preserving the health of the victorian and new south wales alpine enviorment in a rewarding and very satisfying work